Our History

At Costa Coffee, we've always believed you need passion to create perfection. Primarily because that's what Sergio and Bruno - the Costa brothers - believed.

London, born and blended since 1971

The Costa Coffee story began back in 1971 when Sergio and Bruno Costa arrived in London with the dream to make great tasting coffee a part of everyday life.

They set up a small roastery in Frenchurch Street and embarked on the journey of crafting the finest quality coffee.

It was here the Costa brothers blind-tested 112 variations of coffee before arriving at their favourite one. They named it ‘Mocha Italia’ and it remains our signature blend to this day.

From revolutionary methods and commitment to quality to unforgettable successes that have made Costa Coffee so popular across the globe, our story is as unique as our coffee. The commitment to serving great tasting coffee is in our DNA.

The Costa Brothers blended 112 variations of beans to create Mocha Italia; their Signature Blend

Our Signature Blend

Our iconic Mocha Italia blend is the perfect combination and balance of delicate Arabica and strong Robusta beans, precisely slow roasted for a minimum of 18 minutes. This ensures that the beans keep their hearty flavour, rich aroma, and smooth taste.

Moving on up

In 1978, as demand for the Costa brothers’ coffee grew, so too did their premises. They moved to South London and transformed a huge plot of grassland into a brand-new roastery.

This new site was located on Old Paradise Street, Lambeth, where the Costa Coffee roastery remained until 2017.

From here, Sergio and Bruno produced and distributed their signature blend to some of the most esteemed establishments in the city.

The Costa brothers delivered bags of coffee to some of their prestigious customers by London taxi

From strength to strength

In 1981, the brothers opened their first Costa Coffee shop in Vauxhall Bridge Road.

It was in this innovative shop that the brothers became the first coffee providers in London to serve Espresso and crafted Cappuccino in porcelain cups so that customers could experience coffee at its best.

Soon shops started opening up across prestigious locations in London, becoming destinations for fashionable Londoners.

Today, Costa Coffee has transformed into a global brand, with over 4,000 stores in 32 different countries.